Richard Mukasa at Jerome Richards

Richard Mukasa

Managing Director

Richard’s career in estate agency started in the year 2000 while living in England and working within the Ugandan community in South West London – Streatham; He later started Jerome Richards Limited around October 2005 and has gained wide experience in property Brokerage, Property Management, Construction Management with dealing mostly with Ugandans living on ground and from beyond.

Davis Ntulume at Jerome Richards

Davis Ntulume

Board Chairman

Davis Ntulume (aka Dave) joined the JEROME RICHARDS team in September 2016. He comes from a Dentistry background with experience spanning for over 10 years. Dave is a soft spoken person but with vast knowledge about the Real Estate Industry. He is Landlord himself and is position to advise on how best to invest money in Real Estate.
He joins the team to help oversee the Company finance Operations and we do have so much hope that growth shall be attained.

Leonard 'Cosby' Kasibante at Jerome Richards

Leonard ‘Cosby’ Kasibante

Chief Legal Officer

Cosby as he is known, is a skillful resource in our Company. He has been around since the day Jerome Richards was being dreamt about. Right from the day Jerome Richards opened up her doors, Cosby has fought tirelessly to streamline management related issues and is our legal resource in whatever issue related to property.
Cosby is skilled in commercial law and holds a bias in real estate which is an industry that he holds so dear and shall give his whole just to ensure that things get done.

Hellen Ruth Akwayo at Jerome Richards

Hellen Ruth Akwayo


Hellen is a professional Reator holding a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Business Management attained from Makerere University Business School. She is self driven and has a highly motivative personality that has became a vital and perfect link in the JRL team. To give credit where it is due, we are proud and can comfortably say that she carries oit her duty diligently. Hellen has rapidly progressed in the organizational ranks and currently doubles as our Administrator and Personal Assistant to the managing Director.
When you come to Jerome Richards Ltd, be rest assured that you will get the best responses for all your inquiries and also professional help in all dealings related to Real Estate.

Patricia Aromorach at Jerome Richards

Patricia Aromorach


Patricia has been Part of this team for 2 year since octobee 2014 and has neverlooked back on her decision to venture into the Real Estate sector.She holds a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Business Management from Makerere University Business School. He has vast experience in the real estate industry from financial analysis, sales management and good communication skills whichhas seen her rise from Administration to Sales and marketing Executive.
Through team work and collective effort, Jerome Richards Ltd has managed to stay on top and develope in this fast growing Real Estate sector in Uganda. When it comes to the team in Jerome Richards, you cannot be disappointed because we put your needs (our client’s needs) first and offer you value for your money

Jeff Nyondwa at Jerome Richards

Jeff Nyondwa

Diaspora Liaison

Jeff has lived in the diaspora for over 14yrs and has over the years gained experience dealing with Ugandans from the UK especially. He started out as an agent transferring money to and from Uganda during the days when the “Mugalus” were the dominant service providers in 2002. He later worked in the cargo shipping business to Uganda and now he is with the team at Jerome Richards Ltd acting in the capacity of our liason for all clients wishing to REVOVATE existing or CONSTRUCT new homes back home.

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