1.  First, we shall require a blueprint (Architectural drawings) of the proposed project from the client. If these drawings are not instantly available,  we can then recommend to the client reputable architects whom we work with to undertake the work required to produce them. We shall need to ascertain that the proposed building(s) do not break any existing Building Bye-Laws. If they do, the client will be advised and the identified problem(s) will have to be rectified before our dealings proceed any further. We can also help the client obtain planning permission for the project from the relevant authority.
  2.  From these drawings, estimates of the required material quantities, quality, all costs, and likely length of time to project completion can be calculated by us.
  3. The client will be notified in writing of the results of this estimate as soon as this phase is complete. The notification will include a comprehensive but clearly understandable and explained breakdown of the figures involved.
  4. If the client is happy to proceed with the project, a contract will be drafted and signed between the client and JEROME RICHARDS. This will set out all the conditions to be fulfilled by either party. The start date for work on the project will be agreed then.
  5. JEROME RICHARDS will then advise the client of the proposed phases of work identified for the project and the cost of the first phase will be reiterated. For example, for a new project this is likely to be setting out works on the project, followed by excavation, construction of the foundation, etc.
  6. The client then makes a payment to cover the work required for the first phase. This payment will be made to the JEROME RICHARDS Company bank account whose details the client or their representative will be advised of.
  7. Upon completion of the phase, JEROME RICHARDS will notify the client, the client’s representative or both.
  8. Once the client is satisfied that the quality of the work undertaken so far is acceptable, he will then require to make a 2nd payment for the next phase.
  9. Stages 7 and 8 above will be repeated until work on the project is completed.
  10. At any point, if the client encounters problems of any nature in providing funds for the next phases of construction, the client should feel free to inform us. Work will be paused until the funds are available. There is no limit to this time! The client should not feel under pressure to come up with the funds fast. As soon as the funds are available, work will resume. However, it should be noted that pausing some phases (For example installing wooden roof  frames and then taking too long to clad them with iron sheeting or tiles during the roofing phase may cause damage to earlier work. The team will offer the client advice all the way to avoid problems like these.
  11.  Some of the construction work (for example very unusual roofing, finishings, etc) is specialist work. JEROME RICHARDS employs the services of reputable, proven, top class specialists for this kind of work. Non-construction work (for example electrical installation, plumbing, painting, tile work, etc.) is also undertaken by JEROME RICHARDS and reputable specialists are employed for this kind of work.
  12. Where a client requires tests to be carried out to ascertain the quality of materials used, it can be arranged to provide samples to be used in a reputable material’s laboratory. However, any expenses and laboratory charges for this exercise shall be borne by the client

Please Note: During the period we are working on the client’s project, we shall appreciate it very much if the client visits the project site as frequently as possible to satisfy themselves that they are indeed getting value for their money. Our team is very willing to discuss with the client progress and offer advice on their project at any point during construction. However, JEROME RICHARDS will not tolerate abuse towards their employees and unwarranted interference with work undertaken at any of the client’s site.

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